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I could feel myself dying, my body failing, everything that I am, that I was, withering away. Too soon, too fast. Arthur had just stood there, moments ago, in front of me, a smile on his face, the moonlight gleaming off of his blonde hair. He wasn't a Black Lantern anymore, he wasn't dead, he wasn't the Dweller in the Depths - he was alive and well and mine again.

But rage had consumed me. Rage for everything I had been through, everything I had given up, everything that I had lost. And I had let that rage take control in a way that emotions should nevr take control.

Blackness overtook me, blackness tainted with red, and I tried to fight it, tried to find my way back to Arthur, back to my husband and the man whom I loved despite...everything. Is it possible? Is it possible to hate someone for what they've put you through, and yet love them in that same breath? I don't know, but that's what I felt. Purple pulsed around me, purple light, love, Arthur's love, and it fought against the rage, the red hot anger that had coursed through my veins only moments before.

Get out, I commanded, fighting the rage. Get out.

It did. Not without Arthur's help. Not without Diana's help. But it did, and I was myself again.

I was myself, and Arthur was back.

Arthur is back.

Oh brightest day...

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I am not sure of the words that the younger princess Mera would say to myself, but I know within my heart of hearts that she would be terribly disappointed in me. I can't blame her. I would be lying if I didn't say that I was disappointed in myself as well. The first thing she would admonish me for is giving up my throne, and for what? A man who would make me his wife and then leave me at home while he went on adventures with his sidekick? A man who would make me his queen and then leave me to rule over it? Me? A foreign queen? He never even knew for sure if the people of Atlantis would accept me with all their hearts, but no sooner were we married than he was on his next great adventure. My younger self would of course then tell me to depart this dimension for my home dimension, after all that's happened. Sometimes, I think she would be right. Other times... I wouldn't. I can't abandon these people after all. They did take me to heart as their queen, and with Arthur gone, someone has to be responsible for them. Someone has to lead them into a better future. I left my queendom once. I would not do it again to another one. And that line of reasoning, hopefully, would make my younger self proud of me and the direction I have taken in life. Or perhaps not. She might not have understood where I'm coming from. But it doesn't matter. I must quell my rage, find my inner peace, and lead on. My mistakes have been many, but let it not be said that I haven't learned from them.

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Darren Lewis and Eddie Duran were skipping school on a particularly sunny Friday, as high school seniors - and teenagers in general - were wont to do this close to the end of the year. They were at the beach, surfing, swimming, checking out the many, many beautiful bikini-clad women that had appeared to sunbathe, swim, or surf. It was a good day, really. Eddie had even gotten the number of a particularly sexy cougar who he'd promised to look up after he turned eighteen next week. Make things nice and legal. As the noon sun blistered in the air, Eddie and Darren kicked back on their beach towels, feasting on hot dogs and lukewarm soda, watching the waves lap gently at the ocean. They were eating as fast as they could - the waves were great, and they didn't want to wait an hour before heading back into the water.

Suddenly, they noticed the waves becoming stronger, pushing out farther, and some of the water looked...solid, almost.

What they saw next made them ridiculously happy.

Emerging from the roaring waves was a curvaceous figure swathed in emerald green, a mane of vibrant copper-red hair being swept up by the salty breeze. In her right hand she clutched a glinting, preternaturally glowing trident, the gold of which matched the gold of the tiara she wore on her head. She was a sea nymph, an ocean goddess, and oh, here she was, she was looking right at them and okay this was Darren's chance to get one up on Eddie and...

They were drooling.

"Cooool." Darren whispered, scrambling up to his feet.

From where she rose from the waters, Mera smiled a beautiful smile at the boys. She could see what they were thinking all over their face. She really was going to need to find a more private place to rise from, she thought to herself, so that this didn't happen each time she came up to the surface world. She flicked her wrist in the boys' direction as she walked on the sand. A surging column of hard water rose out of the ocean behind her and splashed the two adolescents.

"No," Mera said, mostly to herself, still smiling. "That was cool."

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I was a queen once. No, not only once. I was a queen twice. First, my home dimension, when I took to the throne that was rightfully mine. I abdicated that to move to this dimension to be with a man who I was sure I was in love with, and soon, I was crowned queen of a new kingdom, a kingdom who accepted me with open arms and open hearts, despite the fact that I was a foreign queen in more ways than once. Not once was I made to feel like an outsider, not once was I mistreated or slandered by the public, no matter how terrible the choices that my husband made might have been. I was loved and adored and, in some ways, almost worshipped by the people of Atlantis. I was their queen and they were mine to rule over - to command, if you will - as I saw fit. I never let that get to my head. I was not raised that way. A queen must never be a tyrant if her kingdom is to be a happy, fruitful one.

In some ways, I have lost that kingdom now. There has been much inner turmoil in Atlantis, and the small army I command is all I have left. But it doesn't matter. To them, I am yet their queen, and they are still my subjects. I will lead them into whatever bright future it is that I can manage. Long ago, they accepted me as their own, and it is only right that I do right by them. It is what they deserve.

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Every Friday, I visit my late husband’s grave. Why? He neither died nor was buried on a Friday, nor did we meet or get married on a Friday. (In fact, all of those events occurred on a Wednesday. How, I’m not quite certain.) No. Friday was a special day for Arthur and I because, no matter what, he made certain that, on Fridays, he always set aside some time for the two of us to be alone – what the surface world would consider to be a date night, leaving Atlantis and courtly intrigue behind us. Indeed, there were some heavily rainy Fridays where the two of us would venture out onto the surface world and take in their sights, dates where Arthur would further teach me of the history of Earth and its myriad of cultures. It was always our day, the day that for me holds the most special of memories, and though our marriage suffered through its share of troubles (and what marriage doesn’t?) those memories will always bring a warmth to my heart, even on the coldest nights of this brave, new world that I find myself living in without Arthur by my side. But that is it; exactly why I visit his grave with such religious regularity. No matter how many changes have come in my life, no matter the troubles we had, that was always our day, and I don’t want his death to have changed that. It wouldn’t feel right.

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I don’t know. I couldn’t even begin to presume what the future looks like, not after everything that I have seen, not after everything that I have experienced. When I was a young princess in my home dimension, I thought for sure that I knew what my future would be. I would be queen one day, strong, proud, and beautiful – married to a prince consort who, with me, would make our queendom a prosperous one with a long, illustrious legacy. Little did I know then that I would abdicate my throne – my entire dimension – in favor of marrying one of Earth’s superheroes, eventually becoming the queen of his kingdom and the mother of his child.

 Then, when I thought I knew my future then, I was thrown for another loop. There was the never-ending battle to keep my powers to myself (what it is with this particular dimension and tearing women’s powers away from them, I will never know) and the loss of my son, Arthur Jr. Throw into this mix a life in an alternate dimension with another son borne to me, an affair that my husband had with another woman, the destruction of Atlantis, and the disappearance and death of my husband…

 If I have learned any one thing in my years here on Earth, I have learned this: The future is dark and uncertain – always shifting, always changing, never being what you expect or hope it to be, and most of the time the past doesn’t hold a single clue to what tomorrow might bring. Sometimes I even doubt that tomorrow is aware of what it will bring.

I only know that every day, as I witness one new war after another, the idea that my future one day might be one of peace is one that I lose a little belief in every day.



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